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Hi, my name is Sarah Lennon. I live with my husband David and our two children Savannah and Luke on a 10 acre mini- farm in Hillsborough, North Carolina. I have always had an incredible love for all of God’s furry and feathered friends. Long before we had our first child my husband and I knew we wanted our children to have the same amazing experiences and bonds that only animals, especially dogs, can provide. Eighteen years and 2 horses and 6 dogs, later we have been blessed to be able to provide our children with this amazing gift. There is not a day that goes by that one all of our lives are not deeply touched and enriched through sharing our lives with these wonderful animals. 
Both my husband and I work full time jobs and breed as a hobby to improve our bloodlines and produce top quality puppies for both show and pet homes. We only have one to two litter’s per year. We breed because we have a true passion for Boston’s and want to propogate this amazing breed. As a Marketing Manager I am afforded the flexibility to be able to work from home most days. When we are blessed with a litter of puppies I am never far away.
As a avid animal lover from a very young age I knew I wanted to give back to the animals as much as they have given me over the years. I have been a volunteer and foster home for the USERL (United States Equine Rescue League) and several horses over the years. I am a member of the Durham Kennel Club (all breed club). I also actively support and volunteer for the Orange County Animal Shelter as well as Paws for Life. I fully support and encourage anyone looking for a new family member to check out the rescues in your area first. If you are not able to find your perfect pup through them and are interested in adopting one of my Bostons please visit my “Puppy Application” or “Contact Us” page. 

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